Engagement – Are You Ready To Commit To Your Customers?

When we think of the word engagement, many of us think about a commitment, a relationship. Now think about engagement and how it relates to your business.

  • How can we better develop relationships with our customers?
  • How can we show our commitment to our customers?
  • How can we expect our customers to stay committed to us?

These are important questions. Now more than ever, our customers have access to products and services from markets all over the world, so how can we keep them engaged to us?

Engagement Marketing has become an important tool in our business processes; customers want to feel involved in the purchases they are making.

Of course your customers can go online to learn about your services and your products, they can read ratings, and compare prices, makes and models, but it seems as though in this age of information we have lost connections. We are now entering a time when our customers are looking for top products and service, as well as, trust and interaction. Customers have all the information, now what they want is a connection.


Just what is Engagement Marketing?

It can be referred to in many different ways; engagement marketing, event marketing, participation marketing, or experiential marketing, but any name you give it has the same end goal – connecting with customers.

Engagement strategies are a way to start a dialogue; a conversation with customers in which both you and they feel like you’ve shared your message and been heard. Customers want a chance to be heard, so whether you speak and listen to your customers in your store, or respond to their posts online – you’re making a connection. Sounds simple, and it really can be!

Here are a few ways to think about incorporating engagement marketing:

#1: Start Small – owners and/or employees of a businesses can engage customers in conversation, introduce themselves, and ask how the customers day is going…steps as small as these can make a big impact with your customer and how connected they feel to you – and to your business.

#2: Make an impact online – many businesses are online, and sharing stories and ideas through social media. These are great outlets that you can use to engage with your customers and grow relationships. These online tools give your customers a medium where they can communicate with you – its important here though to ensure you stay on top of these communications. Remember customers want to be heard, so if they share a message and it is left unaddressed…you’ve just broken off the engagement.

#3: Create a buzz – Using street teams, hosting events, or creating an exciting customer experiences; these are a few ways you can make a big impact by allowing your customers to feel like they have had a chance to interact with your brand. Execution of these types of engagements can take a lot of planning, but creating positive experiences that your customers enjoy, share, and feel a part of, can make a lasting impression that results in connected, loyal customers.

Here are a couple big engagement experiences that we love…

Big and small experiences or dialogue with customers can leave lasting impressions that result in increased customer loyalty and great word of mouth marketing for your business.

Thinking of getting engaged?

We’d love to talk to you about an engagement strategy for your business!