Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing – We Have A Winner

inbound-marketing-vs-outbound-marketingIt’s a crowded world out there and marketing is now about breaking through all the noise and being relevant. Sounds easy right? Not so much. Is your marketing strategy resulting in sympathy cards? Don’t worry – you are not alone. In fact, most small business owners in Saskatoon are facing the exact same pain points when it comes to marketing their product or service. In today’s society, people have to get away from “build it and they will come” and instead focus on “build it, market it and they will come.” There are two ways to market your business or organization and it’s a mighty clash between “Inbound Marketing” vs “Outbound Marketing”. 

Thanks to the power of the world wide web, marketing has really evolved over the years. People no longer rely on traditional advertising such as radio and television (“Outbound Marketing”) because the internet has empowered them to take control. It really gives consumers the opportunity to find another method for searching and buying products and services. The new way of marketing (“Inbound Marketing”) is a two-way street and social media is at the core of the concept.

So why inbound marketing versus outbound marketing? It’s cheaper! In fact, figures show that it costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing. There is no reason to try buy your way in when consumers don’t care and are not even paying attention. Here are some interesting facts you can walk away with today.

  • 44% of direct mail is never opened. That’s a waste of time, postage and paper.
  • 86% of people skip through television commercials.
  • 84% of 25 to 34 year olds have clicked out of a website because of an “irrelevant or intrusive ad.”

Inbound marketing focuses on earning instead of buying and it’s done through social media, strategic and engaging content, and search engine optimization (SEO). Inbound marketing needs to be creative, informational and it has to add value. If you can do that, the consumer is more likely to engage with you and eventually, buy from you. So at the end of the day, it costs less and it has a better ROI. Hmm sounds legit!



How can you get started with inbound marketing? It takes time but compounded daily, you are going to see great results. Focus on the little things like an engaging blog, content marketing, boosting up your social media and producing white papers. Heck, get into podcasting – it’s fun so have a blast with it! There are a number of things you can do and the easiest way to think about inbound marketing is to label anything that is not a paid campaign to inbound.


It is clear that marketing is changing rapidly as the internet continues to revolutionize how we find, research, buy, sell and communicate. You have to get away from annoying your consumers with intrusive advertising. Those days are over! The new age of inbound marketing is all about adding value and earning loyalty. You can no longer keep throwing things at the wall in hopes that something sticks. Change the way you do things and you will see the results!

Start today and you should begin to see a ROI in creating value versus trying to buy your way into your market. If you want help with strategic marketing, social media management, blogging or content marketing, let us know as our team at Hunch can get you on the right path.