The Work Hive – It’s How We Work

18 months ago, we played our Hunch and started our very own marketing business here in Saskatoon. Today – we have no regrets leaving the worker-bee lifestyle of a nine-to-five even though it felt like jumping out of an airplane at the time. How did we make it work? We brought together super talented freelancers and collectively, we formed our very own work hive.



What is a work hive? Check out this post by Fast Company and we think you will understand how we make things tick at Hunch.

Fast Company Blog Post

Becoming a freelancer can be super scary. It’s a huge step. Despite the drawbacks of the freelance lifestyle, the co-working environment we have created allows flexibility and creativity. It allows freelancers to come together and create something special. 

Teaming up allows freelancers to provide clients with a broader range of services than they would be able to offer individually. 

Our work hive does have its challenges as the post suggests. Just like any business, we have to work as a team and communicate effectively throughout our network. Everyone has to be on the same page. Project by project, we have to strategically divide the work load and bring together the best team for the job.

At the end of the day, we have been very successful with our work hive and we look forward to building our network of talented freelancers. If you want to join the hive, give us a buzz (no pun intended).